Keeshond Rescue Ontario's Mission Statement

Who Are We?

Keeshond Rescue Ontario is a volunteer group of Keeshond lovers, dedicated to ensuring that any abandoned or surrendered Keeshond in Canada will be rescued and cared for in a responsible manner. This will include every effort at locating owners of dogs who have been stolen or lost, and at identifying and contacting breeders of dogs in our care.

What Do We Do?

Keeshond Rescue Ontario undertakes to provide transportation, medical treatment appropriate to those dogs who come into KRO rescue, private home fostering for case-by-case assessment, and a careful matching of the needs of each rescue to those of approved adoptive owners.

What Do We Believe In?

Keeshond Rescue Ontario is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge about the Keeshond breed, and of education for prospective adoptive owners as to the needs of the re-homed rescue dog. We are committed to the coordination of fund-raising efforts to support our rescue activities. We support Canadian animal welfare initiatives.